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What is JPIA?

JPIA stands for stands for Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA).

The Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA) represents the world for the young accountants in the Philippines. JPIA is an organization established to develop its members as responsible, well-rounded individuals. It is likewise instituted to promote, to organize, and to coordinate activities for the welfare of the students and to nurture them not just a good student in their respective campuses but to their community as well. JPIA aims for solidarity and harmony among its members. It also aims to involve the members in all its activities by ensuring their active participation from the planning to the implementation stage. JPIA is a special and highly esteemed organization of the Philippines which is created only and exclusively for the students of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) course in the exclusive public and private colleges and universities of the country which are granted an approval and accreditation from the college and university standards governing authority of the Philippines, the Commission of Higher Education (CHED).

It such called a very special organization for the BS Accountancy students because of the highest standards sets to the colleges and universities by the government to offer such course. Students who are admitted to take the course of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy have passed series of tough and thorough screening and examinations in different stages of their level. More often, Accountancy students in the Philippines are considered as the group of bright and genius student for surviving the screenings and tough examinations.


JPIA envision as a professional student organization that serves as the training ground in the development of member through quality activities promoting dynamic interaction and well-roundedness of members. JPIA aims to develop dynamic, honest, God abiding, young professionals in the field of accountancy.


JPIA commit themselves for the fulfillment of their vision so that we may become competent, responsible, and dynamic and God abiding accountants responding to the challenges of the time.

ACCOUNTANCY SCREENING PROCESS (Philippine Government Standards)

For the freshmen

  • Medical Examination (Student must be physically and mentally fit to enroll the course)
  • GPA during High school must be very good
  • Must have a good moral character (This is required in performing their actual jobs. Philippine Accountants must be honest, independent and with high integrity)
  • Must passed the college/ university entrance test
  • Must have a higher to highest score in the college / university entrance test
  • Must passed the qualifying test for the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) course.

    In the test, it is required that the applicant must have to passed at a high rating for the major subjects intended for BSA Course including; Algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics, chemistry and other semi major subjects . Failure of this requirement would not be admitted to take Bachelor of Science in Accountancy while passing the required procedure could not directly enroll for the course of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy but only for the first step. The door is open for them to enroll Associate in Accountancy Course.

    They could have the chance to become a member of JPIA if they will survive the first 2 semester.

For the juniors & sophomores

  • Juniors and sophomores are eligible to be a member of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)
  • After 2 year of study for the Associate in Accountancy Course, they must have to take a qualifying examination for the next level. This test is more getting harder to test the student’s ability and learning with the course.
  • The examination is a qualifying examination for Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAT).
  • The test is a qualifying examination for Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAT)
  • Failure to pass the qualifying examination; the student would be advice to shift to another business related course such as Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Management, Economics and Finance. Since BS in Accountancy has a semi major in Management, Economics, Marketing and Finance, student who failed to passed the qualifying exam would be consider as feeble enough to survive for the different semi majors plus the full major of Accountancy and business laws.

For seniors

  • Preliminary requirements to take the final stage are another qualifying examination for the course of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA).
  • This is the final stage of this course.Failure to pass the qualifying test for the BSA course would not allow them to continue for the BS Accountancy so their final highest achievement for accounting study is just Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAT)..
  • After graduation of the BSA course, the student could have a Special Order (S.O.) from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), which S.O. would be reflected in their Diploma, Transcript of records and a recognition and requirement for them to be allowed to take the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination (CPA – LE).
  • Passing the CPA – LE will make them a Certified Public Accountant or CPA

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Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (JPIA)

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(JPIA) Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants
Association of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy students in all Universities and Colleges in the Philippines


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  2. ..hello JPIA ..region X at caraga** goodluck nlng sa drating na goodwill convention ntn here at xavier unversity CDO..hehe

  3. >< sana merong free lessons online for acounting subjs. hayyy.. sana my gumawa.. para accessible din sa lahat.. dba? specially partnership/financial accounting..

    • .bakit kailangan mo pa ng online lessons sa partnership/financial accounting? kaya mo naman yata yun kahit wala nang online lessons, basta aral ka lang ng mabuti.

  4. first tym pa lng po kasi magkaroon ng jpia ang skul namin..pd po b humingi ng guide about sa officer.ppano po ba un set of officers.tnx

  5. It’s nice to hear that JPIAnz on the nation would unite even just on internet!. I hope it would cherish. I am from the University of Southern Mindanao.

  6. may tanong lang ako?
    ano ba talaga iyon totoong process ng jpia?
    bakit may naririnig kami sa school namin na may pinahihirapan daw?.

  7. You majored in English, correct? I have really come to appreciate your creative posts. I am a professional writer, and have been for, oh, 2 to 3 weeks now. Your writing style really reminds me of my own, right down to your transitions and readability.

    Take care!

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  11. Good day!

    I would like to invite you to join the Accelerated Certified Accounting Technician (CAT®) Level 1 on July 23 & 30, 2011 at Megatrade Hall in Megamall. Review (July 23) will starts at 10am until 7pm and examination will be on the next Saturday (July 30).

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  13. this is just an inquiry. what could be the sanction if a school is not offering an accountancy curriculum and yet one of their organizations is using junior philippine institute of accountants (Jpia)

  14. Good day!!
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    Keeping in view the convergence, undergone by the major economies of the world such as United States of America, China and Canada, of the International Financial Reporting Standards with respective local GAAP, the demand for IFRS specialists is increasing. IAT Canada in cooperation with National Institute of Accounting Technicians (NIAT) is introducing a Diploma in IFRS to prepare the candidates to avail such opportunities in the global market.
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    To Whom Does IFRS Apply?
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    This program is ideal for individuals at all levels within an organization who need to have detailed knowledge of IFRS. In essence, it is an opportunity to transfer a crucial new skill set to those responsible for making accounting decisions and preparing, reviewing or approving IFRS financial statements. The program is generic and does not focus on any one particular industry.
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  15. Greetings!

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    The National Institute of Accounting Technician (NIAT) offers you a comprehensive 6 session program for IFRS. Completing the program and have passed the examination will be granted the Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standard given by the IAT of Canada.

    Today businesses are crossing their national boundaries, promoting the synchronization of accounting standards across the globe. The Objective behind the IFRS is to create a common platform for better understanding of accounting, internationally. By adopting IFRS, a business can present its financial statements on the same basis as its foreign competitors, making comparisons easier.

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    Ortigas, Pasig City

    Direct Line: 377-7704 / 634-2204

    Cel.no.: 09276613075

    TeleFax: 7062212


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