2011 Valentines – “Hikot | We build connection” Launching

“Hikot | We build connection”

What can you say since the hikot social network finally concluded to get online. “Hikot | We build connection” is the first social network which could be claim by Visayas and Mindanao as their owned. Hikot is a “Binisaya” term in the Philippines which means “tie” “bind” or “knot” another version of social network originated in the Philippines. Binisaya Language is one of the highly spoken for the largest population of almost 50 Million Filipinos in the Philippines.

Base on the latest survey, most people of the Philippines are fan of social network and very close to the recent update of the western countries. The Philippines is the only country in Asia who patronizes “Twitter” and “Facebook”. Though Friendster is the pioneer social network in the country, it was overtaken by Facebook now but what could this HIKOT’s standing with the big giant rival in social network?
“Hikot | We build connection” with their website http://www.hikot.com/ is now online and trying to compete even late with the 2 leading giants in social network. Hikot’s founder is positive to overtake the 2 social networking giants by the end of 2011 but recently the membership of the hikot is still very slow.

If the Hikot would become dominant in the Philippines for social network then most probably it will crawl to most part of Asia and around the globe because of Millions of OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers abroad who uses social network to connect with their family.


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