Hikot’s Features are not in Facebook

Hikot- Pinoy Social Logo

Since the announced February 14 Launching of hikot.com we didn’t hear anymore feedback from them but recently, they come out to speak of what had happened and according to the Hikot insider, they are happy of the result because Hikot users were not just become Hikot addict but also discovered there unannounced features.

The sociability of the Filipinos will never fade and it is a Filipino culture. Before the existence of social network site like Friendster and Facebook or even Hikot; Filipinos are already sociable reasons why the Philippines become the TEXT or SMS Capital of the World which is now added another title as the Philippines is the Social Network Capital of the World. Filipinos are willing to spend times just to be connected with their love ones from anywhere in the world. For more than 9 Million Filipinos living abroad which keep connected to their family and Relatives in the Philippines; Social Network like Hikot or Facebook is really needed. From the old system of postal mail, to MIRC in 1990’s YM & (Yahoo Messenger) to SMS / TEXT and Email in 2000’ now it is Social Network Generation.

Though Hikot is still new in the Social Network, they are trying to do their best to gain percentage of users from around Asia and they gain a good impact from China. Most of the newly registered users of Hikot are from China; which maybe QQ users who are interested to try a new diversion of QQ found it in Hikot.

Hikot did not publish their features yet but it is not so far from what Facebook have. Hikot features which could not be found in Facebook are the following;

Hikot and Facebook are having in common for the following:

* Notification bubble. Facebook Notification could be found in the upper left of the screen which displaying in red and showing numbers of notices while Hikot have such feature in the lower right beside the online chat base feature as in Facebook.

* For the Photo viewing of Facebook they use a slide style but in Hikot, they use Movie Flow system which you are like watching or loading a movie file in a pup-up or bubble style.

Other features are almost in common except for the features which exist in Hikot and not in Facebook.


2011 Valentines – “Hikot | We build connection” Launching

“Hikot | We build connection”

What can you say since the hikot social network finally concluded to get online. “Hikot | We build connection” is the first social network which could be claim by Visayas and Mindanao as their owned. Hikot is a “Binisaya” term in the Philippines which means “tie” “bind” or “knot” another version of social network originated in the Philippines. Binisaya Language is one of the highly spoken for the largest population of almost 50 Million Filipinos in the Philippines.

Base on the latest survey, most people of the Philippines are fan of social network and very close to the recent update of the western countries. The Philippines is the only country in Asia who patronizes “Twitter” and “Facebook”. Though Friendster is the pioneer social network in the country, it was overtaken by Facebook now but what could this HIKOT’s standing with the big giant rival in social network?
“Hikot | We build connection” with their website http://www.hikot.com/ is now online and trying to compete even late with the 2 leading giants in social network. Hikot’s founder is positive to overtake the 2 social networking giants by the end of 2011 but recently the membership of the hikot is still very slow.

If the Hikot would become dominant in the Philippines for social network then most probably it will crawl to most part of Asia and around the globe because of Millions of OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers abroad who uses social network to connect with their family.